Nerd Day

I feel it is important to have a nerd day every once in awhile. This past weekend was perfect for our nerd day. Amber, Leah and Des joined Jourdan and I on our nerd adventure. We went to the Natural History Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. Than off to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center to see the IMAX, Dinosaurs Alive! and than finally to La Jolla to see Bodies...The Exhibition. I do not have many pictures because we were not allowed to take any in the exhibits.

Natural History Museum

The Dead Sea Scrolls were fascinating. The photography was amazing, I wish I could have taken pictures. While going through the exhibit to see the scrolls Jourdan decided to scream his little head off. I had to take him out and wait for my friends to finish. Than I was able to go back in on my own, while they graciously watched him. The good old parent switch-a-roo. I am getting used to doing this at basically everything interesting that I want to see.

We watched Dinosaurs Alive! in the IMAX. Jourdan loved it. He actually started laughing when two dinosaurs started attacking each other! The T-Rex did scare him when he roared though. Leah and I decided that we need to start seeing IMAX movies more often.

We had lunch at Mo's. Pretty much the only pictures I have from the whole day.

Bodies...The Exhibition was...I do not know, crazy, interesting, amazing, many words. You walk through and see bodies, REAL bodies, injected with something (I don't remember all the technical stuff) and it hardens the blood vessels, muscles, tendons, nerves..everything. There were bones and brains and blah. I know now that I can NEVER be a doctor. It gives me chills! It was so cool, yes cool...the best word I can think of. There were baby fetuses. So small. You can see babies from the time they were embryos through their development. We found out that the bodies were from China. They were unclaimed and than donated to science. Even the babies, they were either from miscarriages or because the mother and baby died. It's so sad. The bodies were real, I think that is what got to me the most.

What can I say? It was a great nerd day!

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