Eaan Update

Eaan is doing really well. He has been to a couple different ports,
Malaysia, Thailand, Philippians, and now he is in Singapore. Here are some pictures he sent me. He was able to go on an elephant ride in Thailand, I believe.

He can't
wait to come home though. He is missing everyone like crazy. Eaan has been working a lot. He has been flying all the time. All the e-mails I get from him usually include something like, I have to fly 14+ hours tomorrow...I am glad I am not doing that.

Some good news though, he might be coming home early. Possibly as early as September 15th. So we will see. You can never get too excited. Everything can always change. Jourdan and I can not wait for him to come home.

Here are some pictures from on the boat. He is hanging out with his pilots.
Boys and their guns.

I am not really sure about this one.

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