Hiking @ Mission Trails

Leah and I have been hanging out a lot since both of our husbands are deployed. Leah is one of my best friends out here and she is such a help with Jourdan. She loves me so much that she helps carry Jourdan when we go hiking. She manages to make up for it by kicking my butt on the trails and making me run. It's always something like, "oh we should run to the beach today!" "Um, yeah, Leah that's 2 miles away". Still I do it. We need to keep up with the boys when they get back from deployment. We are going to kick their butts on the trails. Lately, we have been hiking at Mission Trails in Santee, Torrey Pines wasn't doing it for us anymore...too easy. Famous last words.

The first time we went was bad. We were not prepared for Mission Trails. Located in East County, this hike included 5 1/2 hours of 95 degree heat, cloudless skies, and level 5 trails (the hardest, of course...what was I thinking?). We also had a grand ole time when Jourdan pooped on us...twice, when I fell...twice (with Jourdan on my back, don't worry he thought it was funny), and when we ran out of water 2 miles from my car. IT WAS NOT FUN. :(

The second and third times were better and we came prepared...more water, more diapers, more wipes. We were only peed on these times. But none the less we made it to the top of the mountains and came back down without any major injuries. I love hiking, despite the mishaps, they make great stories. Don't worry I documented some moments from our hikes.

Me...not looking forward to what lies ahead.

This is what lies ahead...yes we went up that trail plus some and back down.

Jourdan gets the best seat in the house...that little slave driver.

Hey mom, what ya doing? Go faster! Come on!

We made it to the top!

Youngest hiker I know.

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