Diving and Snorkeling in the BVI

I was able to go diving when we were in the British Virgin Islands. I was very nervous. I had not been diving in 2 years. As soon as I started to descend and saw everything I was fine. We were able to dive at The Chimney which is a passage through the rocks underwater. The depth is about 40 feet. We also dove on two shipwrecks. The Rhone and The Ingeness. These were the two that made me nervous. Both were at 80 feet and the surface was choppy so it was hard to stay on the surface. Once I was at the bottom it was beautiful. I saw fish and sea life that I have never seen before. The shipwrecks were amazing too. While diving I was always on the lookout for sharks. But we did not see any. We saw fish, sea turtles, rays, barracuda, coral and seaweed. Anna even tried scuba diving!

Snorkeling was amazing too. Everyone was able to snorkel, including Jourdan. Well he just floated on the surface in his floaty while we snorkeled but he had tons of fun watching us and being in the water.

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