Emily's Third Birthday


Jourdan's best friend, Emily, had her third birthday party about two weeks ago. We had so much fun. Little kids are the best, especially when they are hyped up on sugar.


Poor Jourdan. He fell and hit his nose. What I like about this picture is that Jourdan and Eaan's hair look exactly the same.

Eaan and Jourdan cute!



Jourdan Kick

Jourdan Hang

Emily got roller blades for her birthday.

Roller Blades

She wasn't exactly sure how to use them....oops.

Emily Fall

So her dad taught her.

Emily Learning

She got it!

Getting It

Happy Birthday Emily!

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Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

Wow, great pictures! Happy birthday to your little one. And thanks for reading us over at Life Happins (as well as at BabyCenter where I think you first found me. Maybe not.) Anyway, lovely blog you have!