Taking A Walk

Jourdan and I have been going to a Mom and Tots class on Monday mornings. He has been showing interest in school so this is like a glimpse of what preschool would be like. Except I am there and it is only an hour long. :)

Every Monday he puts his homework, puppy and whatever toy he loves that day into his backpack. Then he puts on his jacket, sunglasses and hat and off we go to "school". Now, instead of just on Mondays, this routine happens whenever we leave the house. Instead of homework, he just loads puppy, some toys and snacks into his backpack.

Eaan and I love to take walks and we often walk to the store. So, of course, Jourdan has to go through his routine before we leave the house.

I just can't stand the cuteness.

Taking a Walk

(And, yes Eaan wears that sweatshirt all the time)

Taking a Walk

Taking a Walk

Taking a Walk

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Mom said...

Awww. Remember, that used to be Tommy's backpack.