So no one will guess what my little sister, Anna, got....

a dirtbike!

Ready to Go

She named her blue dirtbike Blueberry.

First Time on Dirt Bike

She also got pink and black dirtbike clothes.
It was a little girl's dream...well at least Anna's dream.


Decked out in Pink

She Pretty Much Rocks

Decked out in Pink

Jourdan was so jealous. He wanted to ride on her dirtbike so bad.

Poor Jourdan

He got to sit on her dirtbike though.

Anna and Jourdan

Once Anna had her "training" she was ready for her first ride around the lawn.

Anna's Dirt Bike

Jourdan decided that the power wheel would do, not as good as the dirtbike but good enough.

I Wanna Ride

Than he crashed.

Almost Crashed

But he was fine and had lots of fun and so did Anna. She is getting good on her dirtbike. She even had her first real crash today and her first war wound! There are more pictures uploaded in my Flickr account. Check them out here.

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