Happy Mother's Day (a little late)

Ok so I am really tired and need to go to bed. I wanted to post these pictures though. I had a Mother's Day "shoot" with Jourdan. (This was obviously before Mother's Day.) I wanted to send some pictures of Jourdan out. There were so many funny shots that I just wanted to post them for everyone to see. Here they are. Don't worry Jourdan was not hurt during the "shoot". What can I say? He is a boy and he falls.


Photo Credit: Tommy "The Genius"


Tommy and Jourdan

Jourdan on his Bike

We had a couple of falls...

About To Fall


Getting Up

He recovered nicely though.

Jourdan and Tommy

Than he fell again.

Jourdan 4

Jourdan Falling

Jourdan Crash

He was ok.


We had fun taking these pictures. I especially like the ones where he is falling. Is that wrong? He wasn't hurt and didn't cry so I just kept clicking away. All he wanted was for me to kiss his "ouchie" than he was playing and laughing again.

More pictures to come. I have a bunch to post.

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