Road Trip :: Part Two

Day 4 Driving Through Colorado Mountains 1

And so Day 4 begins. We started out driving through the mountains in Colorado. By this time we were all pretty tired and ready to be out of the car. The next day or so was going to be brutal. Straight drive through Kansas and Missouri. Somewhere in Kansas we had to pull over for a while and take a break. I personally was hoping we would encounter tornadoes or something. I always secretly have wanted to be a storm chaser. But I am glad we didn't hit any weather. That would have just added more stress.

Day 4 Good Old Kansas Tommy 2

Day 4 Good Old Kansas Jourdan 3

Day 4 Old Kansas Amanda and Tommy 4

We pushed on and spent the night somewhere in Kansas, I think. At this point no one knew where we were. On the 5th day we made it to the Meramec Caverns in Missouri. Tommy and I had gone here when we came across country the first time and wanted to stop back in. Jourdan was actually good and really enjoyed the tour. He loved running around in the Caverns and was even the tour guide's little helper.

Day 5 Meramec Caverns Jourdan 1

Day 5 Meramec Caverns 2

Of course the boys had to try on hats.

Day 5 Meramec Caverns The Boys 3

After the Caverns we drove to St. Louis and stayed the night. The next morning we crossed over the Mississippi River...

Day 6 Mississippi River 1

...and went to see the St. Louis Arch.

Day 6 St Louis Arch 2

It was back in the car again but by this time everyone was getting pretty fussy and cranky. We hit a rainstorm in Indiana and I pretty much lost Eaan.

Day 6 Rainstorm Indiana 3

Jourdan was in good spirits though.

Day 6 Jourdan in Kentucky 4

We finally caught up to Eaan somewhere in Indiana. That night we made it all the way to West Virginia. Everyone was tired so we just pulled over. Unfortunately where we pulled over wasn't a good area. We got into the room at a crappy motel and the air conditioner was making the most horrible noise. All we could do was laugh. It was the end of a very stressful day. So we moved rooms, locked the door, put a chair in front of it and went to bed. Don't worry we made it through the night but we got to listen to trucks engine breaking as they got off the freeway all night. By morning we were all stressed out, grouchy, cranky and any other word you can think of. But it was the last day and we were 8 hours from home! There was light at the end of the tunnel!

Day 7 :: Driving Through Virginia 1

We were almost home! Everything was blurry because Tommy was driving so fast. Don't worry we were driving safely, just fast.

Day 7 :: Driving Through Maryland 2

When we finally made it home we were so relieved.

Day 7 :: Home 3

I was surprised how well Jourdan did on the trip. He went to sleep late every night and his schedule was completely messed up but he was pretty mellow the whole trip. Lina actually did great too. She didn't pee in the car once. She stayed in Eaan's car the whole time (except at night, of course) and seemed pretty happy just to lounge around in the front seat and look out the window.

Adjusting when we got here was a different story though. Jourdan had a couple rough nights. He would wake up throughout the night and not go back to sleep. He got attached to my mom pretty quickly though, which was good. It was rough when Eaan left to go back to San Diego too but Jourdan adjusted after a few days. Lina, our cat, really helped Jourdan. I think he felt more at home with her here. She is adjusting well too. It took a little bit but she is finally feeling at home with all the other animals. So I am happy to report that we are all doing good. The little girl in my tummy is doing good too. I have a doctor appointment this week so I will keep everyone updated.

More posts to come soon...

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