Hallowing Point Park


We have been in Maryland for awhile now but I have been lacking on the posting. These pictures were taken probably within the first week we were here. We took Jourdan to Hallowing Point Park. Of course he had tons of fun. Plus he had a 7 year old to play with.

They were sliding...

Jourdan and Anna Sliding

Jourdan Sliding

Anna and Jourdan

and Jourdan was falling.
(don't worry there wasn't any damage done, he caught himself)

Jourdan Falling

Anna is a little daredevil herself.

Anna Jumping

Than we moved onto different things.

Anna and Jourdan Playing

I don't know what this thing is called...anyone know?
Anyway, he is concentrating really hard.

Concentrating Jourdan

Oh no! This looks bad...

Concentrating Jourdan 2

...he almost ate it...again! (And again, don't worry he just missed.)

Concentrating Jourdan 3

He is turning into a real boy, bruises on his legs, scrapes on his knees and bumps on the head. But don't worry he is having fun while doing it!

Jourdan and Anna Sliding

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