Road Trip :: Part One

Well hello everyone. It's been awhile.

I haven't been blogging lately and it is because we have been settling into a routine here in Maryland. We are adjusting well. Jourdan loves it here and he loves his Grandmom. He calls her GaGa. He adjusted pretty well. Currently he is dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller here in the living room with Anna. See our days are full of productive activity.

Anyway let's back it up a little bit. As almost everyone knows we drove across the country. It was an experience to say the least. We were lucky, we had no major problems and not too much bad weather.

My brother flew out to San Diego Friday night. We stayed at a friend's house that night and by 11 am we were all packed up and ready to go. Jourdan and I were in my car and Eaan, Tommy and Lina (our cat) were in Eaan's truck, or is it an SUV...that is still up for debate.

Day 1 Leaving SD 1

We were all decked out. Both cars had Garmins and walkie talkies (which proved to be quite fun). Jourdan even had a DVD player to watch. The first day we only drove to Las Vegas. It only took about 6 hours to get there and thats all the driving we did for Day 1. But we were just trying to get a feel for how Jourdan would done. We didn't want to push him too far on the first day. Plus the boys wanted to spend the night in Vegas. (Of course) First we were going to stay at Hooters, yes they have a hotel, but because I didn't want to pay that much for a hotel we lost the room. Well it turns out that was the going rate around town. So we ended up staying somewhere else...and my hotel picking privileges were revoked.

Day 1 Vegas 2

Than there was the issue with Lina. Of course the hotel wouldn't let us bring her we had to sneak her in. I was having nightmares that we were going to be kicked out. But everything worked out fine, it took awhile to get her in. Who knew we would have so much trouble? That night we just ordered room service and stayed in the room. The next day we walked around Vegas a little bit. Eaan and I hadn't been there since we got married.

Day 2 Vegas 1

This is where we got married.

Day 2 Chapel of the Bells 2

And than we were off! Our next stop? The Hoover Dam. Unfortunately pets weren't allowed on top of the Hoover Dam...

Day 2 Hoover Dam 2 4

...we took her anyway. What can I say? We are rebels. We didn't want to leave her in the car!

Day 2 Hoover Dam 3

My brother Tommy and I.

Day 2 Hoover Dam 3 5

The Hoover Dam

Day 2 Hoover Dam 4 6

We even saw the the Hoover Dam. I don't know what it was doing there.

Day 2 Wienermobile 7

We than moved on because we had not done much driving that day and Eaan was getting cranky. We made it through Nevada, the tip of Arizona and into Utah. I love the mountains up there.

Day 2 NV and UT 8

We stopped in Beaver, Utah. Jourdan was so happy to be out of the car. Eaan brought in all his toys and soon they were scattered everywhere. Bad idea. We had to search for them the next morning. Don't worry we didn't have to sneak Lina into this hotel. Pets were welcome.

Day 2 Hotel in Beaver, UT 9

Day 3 begins. We continued to drive through Utah. We stopped at an overlook to take a break and let Jourdan run out some of his energy.

Day 3 Driving through Utah 1

Day 3 Driving Through UT Family 2

Jourdan was being so good. He liked watching videos and playing with his toys in his car seat. He rarley complained. I thought it would be a lot tougher with him. It was tough but not as bad as I thought.

Day 3 Driving Through Colorado Jourdan 4

Day 3 Driving Through Utah Jourdan 3

Than he would sleep...and drool.

Day 3 Driving Through Colorado Passed Out 5

At some point during the third day we entered Colorado. We pulled over at the state sign and the boys were nice enough to pose for some pictures for me.

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We ended up stopping somewhere in Colorado. It was 35 degrees and freezing! We were up in the mountains and driving through tunnels. We had to stop because Jourdan started to melt down. I think being on the road everyday was getting to him.

Day 3 Driving Through Colorado Tunnel 6

To be continued...

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