Mother's Day Weekend

As you can see I am still a little bit behind on my blogging but I am catching up. I can't control myself, I try to get caught up but than I go and take a whole bunch of new pictures.

So anyway, we went to a baby shower over Mother's Day weekend for a family member. There were children, pregnant women, cake, presents, games and balloons. It was a lot of fun and Jourdan and I had the opportunity to see family that we haven't seen in a long time. There were a couple little babies there but Jourdan like Ava the best. He really wanted to hold her. She is only 2 months old so he wasn't allowed to but he had a lot of fun being "nice" to her.

Andi's Baby Shower

Andi's Baby Shower

I think the highlight of the day for Jourdan was the cake.

Andi's Baby Shower

I think it was Anna's favorite part too.

Andi's Baby Shower

We also stayed at our Grandmom's house, Jourdan's Great Grandmom, all weekend.
I think Jourdan and Anna had a lot of fun.

He winds up...

Playing Around

...and puppy is airborne!

Throwing Puppy

Than he decides it would be more fun to jump on Anna's head.

Jourdan Jumping

Jumping on Anna

And finally mom joins in on the fun.

Upside Down Jourdan

It was a fun Mother's Day weekend.

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