24 Weeks

Here I am 24 weeks pregnant. This was taken about 2 weeks ago. It is a bad picture but I just wanted everyone to see the big Buddha Belly. I will be posting some more belly pictures soon!

24 Weeks

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belle said...

Hello Amanda. You must be wondering who's checking your blog from the Philippines. I don't know if you still remember me, but I'm Belle (Chris's friend from myspace).

I'm sorry for the snooping. I just admire your family and how much you've achieved at the age of 24. My Dad was once in the navy. He's in the Philippine Coast Guard now. My mom couldn't take the moving around a lot that's why my dad took a job in the Coast Guard.

Wow, 24 and you'll be having 2 kids. That's really an achievement. I know how kids can be a handful. I deal with their tantrums and manipulations everyday. But it's worth it all. With just a smile, they lift up the hearts of the people around them. You're so blessed, you'll get an additional angel soon.

Anyway, take care with your pregnancy. I hope and wish you a healthy baby. :)